About Us

The purpose of Spiritual Lives Of Women is threefold: to create a space where all who visit grow spiritually; to encourage healing in all the ways it happens; and to promote the untameable, uncontainable love of God unrestrained by any religion. 

Here at Spiritual Lives Of Women, we’re working to fill this void. We’re an online website that explores the intersections of Mindfulness and Spirituality. We regularly explore the teachings of love, kindness, gratefulness, forgiveness, generosity, and mindfulness. Whatever your religious or spiritual background, we hope you find our website and our community on social media to be helpful, affirming, and inclusive.

Spiritual Lives Of Women will be a space for musing on God, grace, recovery, addiction, love, healing, pain, injustice, justice, mercy, shadows, light, beauty, creativity, hope, and compassion.  And it will be a space for musing about things we’d sometimes rather not talk about like doubt, addictions, depression, speaking truth to power, challenging apathy, affluence, arrogance, and the ‘rudeness of rightness’.